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Our Business
At Christina's Natural Qualities we make it possible for every woman to be beautiful and healthy.  We have done extensive research and product testing to ensure that our cosmetics are the safest and best on the market today.  As an RN and herbalist, Christine designed our products rolex replica not only to enhance your beauty, but contain botanicals and essential oils to assist in natural healing of skin problems.  While many companies profess their rolex replica sale products to be "all natural", we really mean it! None of our products contain parabens or chemical preservatives.  We strive to offer our customers the healthiest cosmetics available. Our company is family owned and operated. We not only take great pride in making our products, but in wearing them too. We have been producing and rolex replica sale wholesaling our products for almost four years now. We began our wholesale business (Christina's Natural Qualities) in January 2009. Recently, we have decided to add an Online Store as well.
Customer Satisfaction
Our products can be found in over 200 health food stores and spas in 39 states. Unlike huge cosmetic companies, at Christina's Natural Qualities you are a person and rolex replica uk your needs and opinions are very important to us.  We believe in down-home hospitality and personal assistance.  We are on a first name basis with the majority of our customers. They feel comfortable sharing their unique business goals and obstacles with us. We do everything in our power to assist them with everything from product selection to marketing strategies and everything in between, no matter what it takes. We offer our wholesale customers natural cosmetics, without fillers or preservatives, which have flawless coverage and are reasonably priced. This is something that has been very difficult if not nearly impossible for Herb and Health food store owners to find. The quality of our products and our friendly customer service is what makes our company unique. No matter how large our company gets we always want our customer to consider us friends.
Meet The Gang
Christine Gray: Christine is the owner of the company. She used her knowledge as an R.N. and Herbalist to develop our products. She is also the person that takes most of the orders and does most of the follow up calls for the wholesale part of our business. She was a retail manager for a small herb store for 4 years. In so doing she noticed the need for a clean cosmetic line that did not cost an arm and a leg. There is no reason to sacrifice quality for cost. She developed our cosmetics to not only look and feel good but to help heal the skin as well.
Tiffanie: Tiffanie is the vice president of our company. She does 99.9% of our packaging and shipping. She has been with our company since the beginning. She also produces most of the product and occasionally takes orders and answers phones. Yes, she is Chris' daughter. They work together full time and believe in our products and customers unfalteringly. She is also responsible for many of the new pearl eye colors that you have seen. Cameo Cream and Victorian Lilac were a couple of her favorite masterpieces. Her newest venture is our Retail website!
Gloria: Besides providing us with great make-up pics, my other daughter Gloria, helps out in a pinch with making soaps, lotions and cosmetics. She enjoys mixing and making and helping formulate. She is the reason there is cherry vanilla in the tea tree lip balm.
Jessica: Jessica helps part time making lotions, cosmetics, soaps....pretty much what ever we need. Christmas Candy Soap was jessica's first creation. Jess is a mother of three and always keeps us laughing.
Mary Ann: Mary Ann has helped us for the last several years making cold calls and taking orders part time. She is the one that most of our customers recieved their wholesale information from.
Emmy, Ginny and Nicky:
Emmy has helped with cold calls and has been instrumental in designing and maintaining our website for the last several years as well as answering any questions while developing our websites. Ginny and Nicky help make product, package and weigh any time we need their help. Ginny fills all those lovely little make-up baggies that go in the wholesale packets. What a fun job!!!
We have many other part time helpers that aren't pictured here. They are just as important to us. Who knows maybe someday our little factory will be big enough to keep everyone busy. We have truly been blessed with many helping hands anytime we need them.

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