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Christina's Natural Qualities' unique foundation formula combines 100% pure minerals with magnesium and carnauba wax for better coverage and wearability. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in our bodies. It is necessary for the health of all living cells. Our base also contains Calendula and Allantoin. These botanicals have been used for centuries to decrease inflammation and encourage healing of minor skin rashes and wounds, making this the perfect product for problem skin, aging skin and completely safe for all age groups. Titanium dioxide bends light while zinc oxide's natural sun protecting abilities making the natural SPF of one layer of mineral makeup 10 or more. Apply two, light layers (foundation and mineral veil) and you have the coverage of SPF 20!! You will love the way this makeup makes your skin feel!! Not sure how to apply mineral makeup? It is all in the Buffing! Check out our special links at the bottom of the page for more information!

If you have any problems at all selecting a shade feel free to contact me!  I may be able to walk you through the process, or send a few sample baggies with an order so you can try out a color!  I'm always here to help!


6 g jar ~ $16.00

Select Your Shade

Select Your Shade:

 Tinted Moisturizer

This All Natural tinted moisturizer has many exceptional benefits. With key ingredients of Hyaluronic acid, Rose Hip seed oil and Essential oils, it is designed to promote collagen, firm the skin and reduce signs of aging. It also contains beneficial moisturizing oils such as Shea Butter and Sweet Almond oil.The product comes in a glass bottle with a handy pump-style top.  It comes in four common shades. This makeup is very forgiving to skin tone and blends with your natural tone, making one shade match many different complexions.

If your mineral makeup shade is Creative, Dignified, Elegant or Independent, you will most likely match Medium Cool.
If your mineral makeup shade is Kindred Spirit, Loving, Mysterious, Vivacious or Youthful, you will most likely match Medium Neutral.
If your mineral makeup shade is darker than any listed above,
you will most likely match Dark Neutral.

If your mineral makeup shade is Nurturing, Peaceful or Yummy, you will most likely match Medium Warm.

1 oz Bottle ~ $18.00
Select Your Shade

Select Your Shade:

Concealer Stick

Our tube-style concealer stick covers dark circles and blemishes. It contains essential oils to reduce puffiness and help clear up blemishes. It dries to a nearly-powder finish to blend well with powdered foundations.

1 Tube......$10.00



Veils & Bronzers


Mineral Veil is the perfect finishing touch to your mineral makeup masterpiece.


Our mineral veil is a sheer mixture of healthy ingredients to give your skin superior oil control, a beautiful soft touch finish, and may even be used under your Natural Qualities Foundation as a primer to reduce the appearance of large pores and uneven skin tone.


If you are looking for just a touch of shimmer and color, our Mineral Bronzer is for you. It will give you a radiant sun kissed glow with that extra sparkle!


After many requests for a Matte Bronzer, we give you Spirit. If you are looking for just a touch of color to add that extra warmth, Spirit is for you.


For optimal results, set your mineral makeup with a Rose Water Spritzer.


Mineral Veil


Plain ~ Bronze Shimmer ~ Gold Shimmer


Mineral Bronzer


Bahama Babe ~ Caribbean Cutie
 Santa Maria Sweetheart ~ Polynesian Princess


Spirit- Matte Bronzer


Cool Spirit ~ Warm Spirit


5 gram Jar ........$16.00
Select Your Shade

Select Your Shade:

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