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Goats milk makes soap gentle and moisturizing. It also adds natural proteins
to the soap as well as vitamins and minerals. It lowers the Ph to make it more
compatible with the skins natural Ph. Goat's milk is a natural source of Alpha
Hydroxy Acid that has been said to reduce the signs of aging. This soap is
especially kind to sensitive skin and has been touted to relieve an array of
different types of rashes and skin problems. Our goats milk soap contains
Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin (kosher, of vegetable
origin), Goats Milk, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol(from berries),
Soy Bean Protein, Aloe Vera Gel, Shea Butter and Ground Minerals. We make
our goat's milk soap with essential or fragranced oils. By using essential oils, you
get a completely natural soap containing the medicinal properties of the particular
oil. The soaps that contain only essential oils have (all natural) after their name. Only
ground minerals are used for colorant to make a truly natural soap. 

*  Indicates a Seasonal Scent!! Available for a limited time
only! *


*Calla Lily*

Sweet and inspiring, our Calla Lily soap smells just like the flowers!

 Clove Euca~Mint (All Natural)
Eucalyptus is antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and helps
with inflammation caused by arthritis and muscle injuries. Peppermint
has all of the same properties as Eucalyptus, plus it is anti- parasitic,
helps curb appetite and is a pain reliever. All with a refreshing minty scent.

Cotton Blossom

A fresh clean scent with just a note of citrus and floral. Very similar to
B&B Cotton Blossom with a little less citrus. This fragrance is one of our best sellers.

Country Apple
This is one of our favorites. A delicous juicy apple scent with an
undertone of fresh country air.

 Fresh Cut Roses
The most amazing Rose fragrance you will ever encounter! It smells so
much like a fresh cut Rose that you can even smell the stem.

Geranium, Tea Tree & Green Tea  (All Natural)
Geranium has been used for centuries for regenerating and healing skin
conditions. Tea Tree is anti-spasmodic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory,
antibacterial, antifungal and improves blood flow. Green Tea is a powerful
antioxidant. It also has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties.
This soap also contains Carrot Seed oil to help with eczema and psoriasis as
well as helping shield skin from wrinkles.

Honey Almond (All Natural)
This soap contains an ounce per pound of pure honey.  Honey has natural
moisturizing properties. It is also very healing to the skin. This soap has the
aroma of sweet almonds. You will love the way this soap makes your skin feel.

 Jasmine and Rosewood
Jasmine, besides being an aphrodisiac, is used to soothe nervous exhaustion,
anxiety and depression. It is good for eczema and wrinkles.  Rosewood is
antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, antifungal and improves skin elasticity. It is
good for fungal infections, eczema and psoriasis.

 Jewelweed Soap (All Natural)
Specially formulated to treat Poison Ivy. This soap is also great for chiggers,
bug bites and rashes of all kinds. Jewelweed is combined with the antifungal,
antibacterial and antiviral effects of Tea Tree oil. This soap also contains
Calendula to increase wound healing time by 50%, as well as Geranium
to encourage new skin cell growth.

 Lavender (All Natural)
This soap contains essential oil of Lavender. Lavender is antiseptic,
relaxing and anti-inflammatory. This one will be great for skin conditions
such as acne, eczema, stretch marks and burns. Not many people can
resist the fresh, clean scent of Lavender.

 Lilac in Bloom
How could anyone resist the sweet aroma of Lilacs in bloom?  Ahh, it can
be spring all year whenever you step into the bath.

 Patchouli (All Natural)
Good for relieving itching and inflamed skin, this woodsy scented
essential oil has antidepressant, antiseptic, fungicidal and aphrodisiac properties. 

Catch a whiff of this one and you will swear you just
walked by grandma's favorite peony bush!

 Perfect Peach
There is nothing more tempting than the fresh scent of a juicy, sweet 
Georgia peach.  Blend this with a little pinch of Vanilla and our first thought
was what a perfect peach !!!

 Raspberry Lemonade
A blend of Lemon essential oil and Raspberry fragrance. Lemon essential
oil is great for use in the kitchen after peeling onions. It eliminates odors.
It also removes stains from the skin. Lemon is also antiseptic, improves
circulation, stimulates the immune system, improves memory and
clarity of thought and promotes relaxation. This soap has the added
benefit of Calendula to help soften skin and speed the healing
of any cuts and scratches.

 Sandalwood Citrus
The warm scent of Sandalwood with just a hint of Orange . This one is a
skin revitalizer and antiviral. Good for viral infections, wrinkles and scars.

 Ylang Ylang (All Natural)
A pure essential oil fragrance, Ylang Ylang is especially good to ease
anxiety and relax the mind. It also helps reduce blood pressure.

Specialty Soap

Third Eye Soap
This soap contains all of the essential oils that have been linked to decalcification of the
pineal gland and opening the third eye. It may assist you with improving your
psychic p
erception and strengthening your connection to the divine.
This soap also has other effects that are not listed here including
anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial properties among many others

4 oz Bar ~ $5.00

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